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When it feels like I and you

Hi, lovelies! <3

Since astarupinthesky told her story of Jason from when she saw him Wednesday, I'll share an interesting story that my friend told me when she saw Incubus in San Diego. Ben Einziger was there, and according to my friend, he has an afro now. Rofl, I want to see that so bad. But anyways, he bumped into her and made her fall to the ground, and then he apologized and stumbled away. Then the guards were yelling at him and asking for his pass, and he was all, "I'M WITH THE BAND." and then started busting up laughing. Later on that night, Ben gets onstage (unexpectedly, by the way) and starts singing "I Believe the Children Are Our Future." You know, that song with the lyrics, "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them sing the light." Everyone was booing. Then Brandon comes out and says, "See what happens when you let your friends go on tour with you? They get drunk and go onstage without your knowledge." Basically, whoever got to go see Incubus in San Diego got to see Ben drunk and I am envious.

Also, this isn't quite Audiovent news...at all, but it has something to do with J-Man. Home Town Hero is not Home Town Hero anymore. A few days ago, they officially changed their name to Under the Influence of Giants. And no, I am not joking, either.

And happy belated birthdays to Ben (the 21st of this month) and J-Man (the 3rd of this month)! And Ryland's is in a few days, I think? The 29th, right?
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