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Jason posted at the Audiovent board about ten minutes ago, pretty much stating what happened with the band to cause the breakup. Just read it:

well, im sure youve all read ben's post by now. yes, its true. after 12 long, strange years of beating our heads against a wall, it became apparent that together, we were doing just that. while it saddened me to leave the group, and all of the hard work we'd put into it, i knew it needed to happen. our friendships were suffering, no one seemed happy anymore, and we got to the point where we couldnt agree on anything. i personally think that your life doesnt really start until you kick it in the nuts. show the world that youre not afraid to start over. if youre not happy, why not change your situation? what are you afraid of, the unknown? failure? hitting rock bottom? getting your hands dirty? it's ok if you are. most people are afraid of those things. i was for most of my life. but then one day, i decided to turn off the self-kicking machine, and start my life for real. everyday is the best day of my life now. it just gets better and better. not to mention, im in love. head over fucking heels, yell it off the top of a trendy mountain during tourist season, love. and, i gotta tell you, its fucking great. i highly recommend it to all of you, and by all means, dont let anyone outside of your relationship run the show. it ends up smelling like a cannibal's shit in the middle of summer. anyways, like i was saying, things are great now. im finally getting the chance to write my own songs, which i plan to record and perform as soon as i can. ive been really getting to know my family, which is something i regret not doing years ago. ive been taking time for myself, my lady, and my little dogs. im also venturing into the film world as well, taking acting, directing, and screenwriting more seriously. i may even try my hand at college again, seeing as i didnt take that very seriously the first time around. basically, what ive realized is that its never too late to change your mind (except when youre driving. a friend of mine crashed into a tree that way). if something just doesnt feel right in your gut, you have to trust that feeling. your gut will never lie to you. no matter what, youll always end up exactly where youre supposed to, and youll always be ok. why not try everything that you want to? hell, you only get one shot at life (that you remember at least). as i bring this saga to a close, i would like to thank you all for being so unbelievably supportive of this band over the past years. you guys really made us feel like what we wanted to say mattered. so, thanks for that. im sure, artistically, youll still be hearing from all of us. and dont worry, were all still friends. even though ill destroy them all in halo. jk, ryland might beat me.


jason charles boyd
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