Tears of loves lost (wealthandfame) wrote in audiovent,
Tears of loves lost

Ben posted yet another thing at the AV board. It's about what they'll be playing at tonight's show. He also added in something very interesting! Read:

Here is another one of Ben's updates about tonight's show, along with a very...um....deep? thing he added in there:

It's marvelous! you hear me? Marvelous? The notion of being is only nothing of the swort. A sword you say? By god that's not true!!!!It was the pinnicle of my consumer's digest, lost in the great abyss. My soul belongs to eternity, and my path has yet to come, WHY? DO YOU ASK? Questions hmmmmmmm, perhaps my fellows in the dormitory can answer. Please no more pencils with no erasers, they're much too hard to work with.
Anyway, we'll be playing mostly new songs, along with some old stuff from DSKIP. We got quite a show planned for you, so we hope you can make it.
From Claudiovent Van Dam

I shared this with a couple of friends, and they are convinced he was high when he made the post. Haha, who knows. But anyone who's going to tonight's show is verrrry lucky.
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