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Audiov--NIGEL (fgjkfjkjkdfjshk >:|) has added another tour date. It's going to be on Sunday, May 16th at the Malibu Inn around 10:00 (for some reason, the Malibu Inn says 8:00). It's $7.00 to get in.

I want this to be a little longer for some reason, so I will just say how much I dislike the new name. Nigel is my friend's pet dove's name. When I hear the name Nigel, I think of the dove and how much it craps all over her room. Nigel=no. Any other name=YES, PLEASE. I guess if they end up choosing that name, then I'll deal with it and hopefully grow to love it. They just better hope the other band had that name copyrighted.

Before I forget, I wanted to do a little pimpage. I don't know if Ben or Ella mind (if you do, sorry. :-[), but I've been wanting to pimp this place for a while. It's an audiovent community at GJ, and it is sort of dead because no one likes posting there at all. If you have a GJ account, join it and say hello. I want more people in my community, damnit. And also, I promised the guy at the AV board I'd do this, so join the AV messageboard that he made very recently. He wants more people over there, and so far, five people are there total. It's a nice place, so go check it out.

And I think that is it for my random posting for the day. I'm out. Payce, homies. Haha.
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